For those of you that have never met me, here’s a little about me.

1) I drive a Jeep. (not the sissy kind neither)
2) I have “raccoon eyes” where my sunglasses sit.
3) I frequently wear Khaki Shorts with many, many pockets.
4) I have more than one backpack for backpacking.
5) I have more than one fly rod for fly fishing.
6) I can tell the difference between bear scat and people poop.
7) I’ve been to Yosemite more times in the last month than most people will in their entire life.
8) I have more than one camera and I know how to use them.
9) I can survive by finding my own food and water.
10) I am/have been a member of the Sierra Club, Yosemite Association, Trout Unlimited, and Greenpeace.
11) I was a vegetarian for a long time.
12) I was raised on a farm.
13) I know what a double clinch knot is and can tie one.
14) I have surfed.
15) I own a Trek and know how to use it.
16) I have more polar fleece than Mauldin Mills.
17) I have “trekking” poles.
18) I have more than one compass and know how to use them.
19) My sunglasses are of the expensive polarized variety.
20) I’d rather be camping/backpacking/fly fishing/hiking/adventuring than anything else.

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