For those who don’t bother looking at my other weblog, we took Zac to see the Neurosurgeon at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento last Wednesday.

We left here at 7 am anticipating bad traffic coming into Sac but were rewarded for our efforts by only one small stretch in Elk Grove. We arrived at the hospital at 8:15…only an hour and 15 minutes from door to door. Pretty good time but the appointment wasn’t until 10:15, 2 hours later.

So, we explored eastern Sacramento looking for a Denny’s or Lyons or something to no avail. There were plenty of fast food places and some Starbucks with lines that I couldn’t believe, but nothing “sit-down”.

We wandered back to hospital parking lot and killed the hour we had left after wandering around in a strange city by changing poopy diapers and feeding the kid. Being the time concious people we are, and knowing we’d probably have a ton of forms to fill out, we entered the hospital and quickly found our way to the 3rd floor Neurosurgery department (3d).

Of course, no forms. So we spent our time reading computer magazines, keeping the kid entertained, watching some morning show from New York that sucked, and keeping the kid entertained. We spent a long time in that waiting room. We saw people come and go. Some were there before us and some after. We were both starting to get annoyed when finally the nurse took us to an examination room, almost an hour after we arrived!

We sat in the exam room another 20 minutes, by my watch as there was no clock on the wall, until finally the doctor came in. He was a very nice, older, gentleman of Chinese descent. After 5 minutes of examination he looked at us and said, “Your son is fine. His head has a flat spot but it is normal and is growing.” He even went so far as to show us where the soft spots on our son’s head were.

So, we’re relieved. We have a follow-up appointment at his new office in Oakland in 2 months so we’re hopeful they’ll continue to say surgery isn’t needed.

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