I got to spend a good amount of quality bonding time with my son again this weekend. He’s daddy’s boy alright. He’s taken to enjoying sitting in the “fishing” chair next to me. He sits up straight and watches whatever is on tv, every so often he’ll look over at me and smile real big.

When he was being fussy last night after my wife got home I sat him in the chair next to me and he was happy as a clam, smiling, and laughing.

He loves to sit on my lap and watch my video game and it even draws his attention away from the one my wife is playing with him. He even wants to play. Yesterday he pulled the keyboard tray out and was looking at the keys.

We even lay in bed and watched cartoons for a while and when I fell asleep and started snoring, he rolled over and pulled the hair on my arm.

All in all I had a great day being with my son and I love him very much.

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