Laci Peterson’s Land Rover became her family’s property on Tuesday.
The ownership transfer did not come through the missing woman’s husband, Scott, but through a used car dealer who said he bought the sport utility vehicle from Peterson last Wednesday.

Missing woman’s family gets her car back

Doug Roberts of Roberts Auto Sales on McHenry Avenue in Modesto said Peterson traded in the Land Rover as part of his purchase of a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup. Tuesday, Roberts gave the 1996 forest green SUV to Laci Peterson’s family.

Kim Petersen, speaking for Roberts and Laci Peterson’s family, said: “Doug donated the car to the family today because he wanted Laci to have a car when she came back.” The missing Modesto woman, 27 and due to give birth to a boy within days, has been missing since Christmas Eve.

Scott Peterson and his family did not return calls about trading in the SUV.

His 2002 Ford F150 pickup is in police hands. Detectives have not named Peterson as a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, and they have not ruled him out.

Laci Peterson’s family heard Friday that her husband had sold the Land Rover, and they expressed shock.

“If he had any consideration for her, he would keep the car if he knew she was coming home,” said her father, Dennis Rocha of Escalon.

Peterson’s mother and step-father, Sharon Rocha and Ron Grantski of Modesto, declined to comment Tuesday about getting her SUV. They said they would hold a press conference today to address the subject; a time had not been scheduled.

Tuesday night, Dennis Rocha stored the Land Rover pending today’s press conference.

Police confiscated Scott Peterson’s Ford truck on Dec. 26 and he had been driving rental vehicles since then. It was not known when he might get his truck back.

“We will hold on to his truck for the length of time that we need it for the investigation,” said Detective Doug Ridenour, police spokesman. “We will turn it back to him when we can no longer justify having it, but that’s a decision that will be made through the courts.”

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Its pretty obvious to me that Scott Peterson is confident his wife isn’t coming back. Right now all of Modesto is thinking you’re the biggest scum ball buddy. Can’t wait for the police to get you.

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