I’m not quite sure why but I’ve been very tired recently. It could be that my sons teething is keeping me from getting sound sleep. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m now 2 years without a vacation. Or maybe just the stress of daily life in pre-war America is getting to me. Whatever it is, it’s about to get worse.

My aunt fell in front of a store Saturday and broke her pelvis. There are now complications and her doctors have informed the family to see her now while they can. The overall outlook is very bad with cessation of life tonight or tomorrow.

Although I will miss my aunt, I’ve come to have a healthy outlook on life and death. You live, you die. If there is an Other place, I’ll see you there. So I’m OK with my aunt. It’s more my mother I’m worried about.

My aunt is her best friend. They have always been close, talked several times daily, helped raise each others kids, and been a very tightly bound family unit. Though my mom has a brother locally and a sister still in Texas, I’m sure she’ll never be able to replace her sister. I am also concerned that my mom may try to blame herself for my aunt falling as she was the one who took my aunt to the store.

With my mom’s ailing health, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a smoking habit she won’t kick, this will definitely complicate things.

Interesting how as children we immortalize our parents only later to rebel from them in our adolescence and then come to accept them as equals when we have children of our own.

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