While sorting through the stacks and stacks of photos and slide looking for a photo for the sidebar I came to a conclusion, I need a slide scanner. The one I have is actually a flatbed scanner with an attachment. I got it on sale. What can I say? It does very well for reflective scanning but when it comes to scanning slides with the attachment, it sucks canal water.

I’ve got several hundred slides that I consider to be of excellent quality but due to the very poor job the scanner does, you wouldn’t be able to tell it. Usually images come out grainy, tone dead, blown out, blacked out, and with color so poor you’d think you were going color blind.

Even with adjusting levels, color, saturation, contrast, and white and black points you still have to take the images into Photoshop. Most of the time the beauty of the image, the thing I use color slide film for, is lost. The dimensionality is gone and the character of the photo lost.

So, if anyone wants to give me a Nikon LS IV Slide Scanner, I won’t complain.

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