There is no magic button that you have to hit and it makes a website for you. Ok there wasn’t until today. Today Adobe released what it hopes will be the next revolution in web design, Muse.

Muse allows designers to create a page design using a set of tools similar to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. Once the pages have been set up Muse allows you to automatically publish to your Adobe Business Catalyst account or export your page or site as HTML.

Some of Muse’s other features: a bevy of widgets for creating everything from image rotators to light boxed galleries, automatically populating horizontal and vertical menus, tabbed pages or content areas, a 960 grid with configurable margins, padding and gutters, accordion content areas and jQuery powered tooltips.

Muse is currently free and requires Adobe Air (Flash for applications) to run. Pricing is set for $20/month or $180/year when Muse leaves beta later this year.

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Take a look at some web sites created using Adobe Muse

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