I’ve had a Wacom tablet for years. I use mine mainly for photo editing. Oh sure, I’ve tried drawing with it and digital painting but, I’m more talented behind a camera. That’s not to say this isn’t the coolest new product from Wacom though. It’s called Inkling and it allows you to draw on any paper and have it digitally saved to your computer (complete with layers).

Inlinking uses a special pen that’s pressure sensitive and a virtual capture device (think Kinnect for the XBOX 360 with a pen) to register your pens position in relation to the Inkling capture module. By clicking a button on the module you create new layers. A chip in the pen transmits pressure data to your computer to tell whatever application you open your drawing in how thick/thin your lines are.

Pretty cool. The Inkling is scheduled for release in mid-September for $199. You can find more details on inkling.wacom.com.

What comes with Inkling:

  • Inkling Digital Pen
  • Rechargeable Pen battery
  • Pen ink cartridge
  • Charging Case
  • Receiver
  • Rechargeable Receiver Battery
  • USB cable
  • Spare pen ink cartridges (4)
  • Inkling Sketch Manager Application (located on the Inkling receiver)
  • Quick Start Guide and electronic User’s Manual

System Requirements

Windows 7, Vista or XP (SP3, 32 or 64 bit versions),
Mac OS 10.4.0 (or later)

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