I’ve got kids and man, they scare the crap out of me sometimes. I know I can’t always be there to see what they’re doing but with the iZon from Stem I can see what they’re doing when I’m not there.

Easily configure iZON to alert you when it senses motion or sound. Your privacy is ensured as iZON uses secure encryption to stream video and audio through your local wireless network. Set up multiple iZON on a single network and view in a list within the app. Set up multiple iZON on different networks – even at different locations.

Receive alerts via push notifications. Stream to your iOS device over Edge, 3G or a wireless network*. Record video and audio automatically to your free, private YouTube account — or record 30 second clips at the touch of a button. (Stem

It’s also great for home security, watching a pet, spying on your wife/girlfriend in the shower…uh well you get the picture.

The iZon sells for just $129.95 and is available directly from Stem InnovationThe iZon works with any iOS device via the free Stem:Connect App you can download from the App Store.

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