Yesterday I came across a post by Brett Terpstra about a plugin he’d authored for WordPress that adds a set of Markdown (defn. an easy way to create HTML by using a series of referential symbols) buttons and functionality to the HTML pane of your WordPress editor. The coolest thing about this plugin is…IT WORKS!

Markdown QuickTags is a plugin for WordPress which replaces the HTML editor with a Markdown-enabled set of buttons and features. It can edit Markdown for saving, or render the finished Markdown to HTML, if you prefer. You can preview the rendered HTML at any time, and there’s even a full-screen editing mode. Options can be set in the Settings->Markdown QuickTags panel of your wp-admin section.

If you’ve never used Markdown I highly recommend it if you blog frequently. I use it daily marking up content for websites and while blogging. Log into your WordPress installation and go to Plugins in the sidebar and search for Markdown QuickTags or, to install the plugin manually, visit

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