Here’s a great app I recently stumbled across that has really changed the way I’ve been developing on the Mac, CodeKit.

CodeKit is a Mac only (sorry Windows guys) app that automatically compiles Less, Sass, Stylus, CoffeeScript & Haml files and combines, minifies and error-checks JavaScript files in real time. CodeKit supports Compass and will even optimize jpeg (coming soon) & png images. When you’re working on a project in CodeKit each save auto-reloads your browser so you can see your changes in real time. CodeKit also has an intuitive file implementation system for combining files that you couldn’t normally link together and pulling files from source frameworks. All files are compiled prior to runtime so there’s no extra overhead on the server or in the clients browser.

If this sounds too good to be true let me tell you, it’s not. CodeKit does exactly what it promises and it does it was ease and style. Using CodeKit I’ve converted my Bonfire HTML5/CSS3 template over to a LESS powered responsive template that does all the heavy lifting of calculating column and gutter widths for you.

CodeKit is currently beta but will be available soon in the Apple Store and when it is I’ll definitely be getting a copy.

Want it? Get CodeKit here.

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