From the WTF file: Curebit, a startup who just received a crapload of money from VC’s has been caught blatently ripping off design firm 37signals. The sad thing is they got busted because they were hotlinking to the image files on 37signals server.

The 2 websites for comparison

Look ma, hotlinking!

Just use our images.

Curebit founders responded to the allegations by saying:

“Were A/B testing different pages, came across the 37signals post, and were like, ‘Wow, we should see how that converts!’” wrote Curebit co-founder Allan Grant.

“We… did not really think through the implications of what we were doing. We just kind of thought about it as a fun test to run.

“Clearly it was stupid.”

How are you able to run a startup if you can’t even figure out how to download the images and host them on your own server instead of hotlinking them? Oye vey.

(via VentureBeat)