One of the most interesting things to come out for smart phones is the interest everyone has in QR codes. I have people asking me about QR codes all the time at work. There’s a great article in [][1] about how small business are flocking to the meme. There’s also some great advice from experts who are actively doing marketing with QR codes.

> Michael Balas, president of VitreoQR, a technology company in Cleveland that specializes in QR codes, said codes should offer value – period. If a restaurant menu pops up along with an option to make a reservation, that’s value, he said. A call to your phone when the table is ready is even better.

> “You can do all of the planning you want to make sure your QR code works. But if that QR code delivers a mobile device to a regular web page, you’ve missed the point entirely,” he said.

> Dean Hanisko, senior vice president for corporate business development at Great Lakes Integrated, agrees.
His company recently put a QR code on a new type of bread offered by Orlando Baking company. Scanners get an educational video and an option for a 55-cent coupon. Another client offers a virtual tour of an apartment building, a tab for more information, and option to talk to someone at the push of a button.

> “If you give them something of value, that’s when they’ll share it with their friends and that’s when it goes viral,” Hanisko said. (via [][1])

(via [][2])