If you’ve ever sat down and talked with a physicist you’d know that they describe the world around us based on a set of theories. Some of the theories are more rigid and generally accepted to be true by the masses (ehrm…gravity?) and some are still holding tight as “theory” until more scientific evidence can be attained. Unfortunately, some theories seem to contradict others and the evidence doesn’t point to either. A new, and seemingly implausible, theory that’s becoming popular would explain several of the more elusive theories to prove, general relativity and quantum mechanics. The problem is the theory is our universe actually exists at the center of a black hole, an idea many scientists and the general public at large would find hard to stomach.

So how can we test to see if our universe lies at the center of a black hole? Well, we may have already been discovered it might.

“…since all stars and thus black holes rotate, our universe would have inherited the parent black hole’s axis of rotation as a “preferred direction.” There is some recently reported evidence from surveys of over 15,000 galaxies that in one hemisphere of the universe more spiral galaxies are “left-handed”, or rotating clockwise, while in the other hemisphere more are “right-handed”, or rotating counterclockwise. In any case, I believe that including torsion in geometry of spacetime is a right step towards a successful theory of cosmology.” (via Nikodem Poplawski for Inside Science)

Interesting idea.

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