There are 2 things photographers are in love with right now, motion and time-lapse. Normally you have to carry a slider with a motion control and motor of some kind, maybe 2 tripods if you’re using a larger setup, and then try to figure out an intervalometer to have your camera taking pictures (I’ve used mine a lot and it still takes me 10 minutes to get it configured correctly). Here’s a really cool project that puts motion control and an intervalometer in one small package that’s easy to carry and even easier to use. And it gives great results. It’s also much less expensive than getting a slide kit, meet Astro.

Astro adds panning movement to your camera, and it allows you to set up time lapse programs by defining the duration, the range of movement; which goes from 0 to 360°, and the interval in degrees or seconds in which you want the photos to be taken. The possibilities are endless!

Technical details

Measurements: 3.15 x 1.18”

Weight: 0.55 lb / 250 g

Load: The motor can hold up to 11.02 lb / 5 Kg of equipment

Maximum Speed: 30° per second

Power source: 2 AA batteries


Astro is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax, Minolta and basically any camera with a remote input. A cable will be included to plug Astro into your camera and allow communication.

Smartphone App

We are currently developing a smartphone app for Astro to run more advanced programs. Features like ramping, continuous movement, presets and HDR will be possible through this App. You will be able to send the complete program to Astro so you don’t have to keep your smartphone next to your camera. Developing for iPhone and Android.

Astro is priced to sell at $180 for the silver and $200 for the black model.

For more information visit and be sure to share the project on Facebook with your friends.

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